Mineral Application Tips

Check out our English Mineral Makeup YouTube Channel for lots of tips and help.

Applying mineral foundation with your application kabuki brush – pick the minerals up from the compact onto your Application Kabuki brush.  Apply the mineral foundation to your face using a gentle circular anti-clockwise motion and building up coverage gradually in light layers. A smaller brush is handy to use around the eyes and nose.

Applying mineral foundation with a damp brush – Tip minerals onto another surface before using a damp brush to pick up – be careful not to get your pot wet! This is a great application technique to cover blemishes and target enlarged pores.

Applying mineral tone corrector and primers as a concealer – our mineral concealers are very versatile and can be applied before and after, or mixed with, our mineral foundations. They can be used dry or applied with a damp sponge or brush for completely opaque heavy coverage.  To cover blemishes and hyper-pimentation we recommend applying the minerals with a small, firm damp brush and blending with your finger.

Why not use minerals as eyeshadows – as well as our specific eye pigment ranges,  you can also use your mineral blush or bronzer as eyeshadow, with a damp brush for maximum colour intensity and longevity. This will really bring out the luminosity in the shimmery shades and allows you to use the shadows as eyeliners too. These soft, natural loose powders may also be used dry for a sheer wash of colour or for more subtle daytime wear.

Mineral colours for lips. we have a great lip range we have curated for you but, all our minerals look great topped with our ‘Lip’ moisturiser or a lip gloss for a total look effect. Play with your colours and enjoy them!

If you are new to mineral makeup, you may find that it can take a few applications to get it just right, so below are some troubleshooting answers to common problems that can occur whilst applying your mineral makeup. We hope this helps you, but please feel free to drop me an e-mail with any problems that you may be having, and we will be happy to offer guidance. jeanette@englishmineralmakeup.co.uk


Usually caused by over-application or the shade you’ve chosen is too light
Try custom blending two shades of mineral foundation together, use a darker level or utilise a softer, less dense brush, (our gold Kabuki) to refine your application.


The skin is too dry and needs exfoliation and moisturising.

Firstly, invest in our natural organic facial serum, Perfect Prep Skin Radiance Base Serum. Use night and morning. For extremely dry skin, try mixing a bit of mineral foundation powder with it to create a liquid foundation and apply with a sponge or brush and then smooth and blend with your finger.

Exfoliate to smooth the skin’s surface, Porridge oats soaked in warm water for 10 minutes make a great natural facial exfoliator. Then finish with our serum. Wait another 10 mins for perfect absorption, before applying your mineral makeup.


Over-application and/or incorrect application technique.
To correct: Make sure you are buffing correctly to finish the application. Our Pink buffing Kabuki is a very dense brush, designed to help you work the mineral foundation into a soft dewy finish, it will correct overloaded areas and ensure an even result.

If the skin feels tight and dry use our Perfect Prep Skin Radiance Serum – wait 10 mins then apply your minerals. you will see a marked improvement.

Fairy Godmother is the perfect primer to smooth our your skin tone before you apply your foundation minerals.

Use the Buffing Kabuki to finish.


Moisturiser too heavy or over-application. Allow lots of time for your moisturiser to be absorbed into the skin and try the Fairy Godmother or Matte Primer before going in with your mineral Foundation.

If too much serum or moisturiser has been applied, then tissue off the excess. Puddles of moisture on the skin will grab minerals and and look uneven.


Probably too much foundation, or your moisturiser has not completely penetrated into your skin. – give it more time.
You may not be buffing / blending enough.

An application of fairy Godmother Primer before foundation will help here to.

Is your brush overloaded? Is your brush in need of a wash? It’s not always necessary to reload with more product – sometimes there is enough already in your brush.