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Our Multi-Use Green Tone Corrector

One of the things we are proud of here at EMM, is that our products often have more than one use!

For e.g. our Green Tone Corrector.

If you have widespread redness, (rosacea, windburn or sunburn), then this product will significantly reduce it and give you an even tone. Use on its own and as a base for a flawless, lasting foundation application on fair to medium complexions.

BUT did you know that is perfect for public speakers/teachers/performers and anyone who feels the flush sometimes? Just use under your usual makeup routine – think of it as a flushing suit of armour – working away to protect you from the embarrassing flush blush moments. This can’t be seen on the skin so it is a great tool to have in your kit even if you’re a not makeup lover!

I can think of so many times I would have loved a product like this when I was younger. Presentations, interviews – just provides that extra layer of confidence.

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