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Colours of Autumn

It might be time for a few make-up bag upgrades!  It’s the season to embrace change after all…

So why not move with the seasons and update your look by choosing richer warmer  make-up tones.  Think more about the changing colours of leaves rather than fresh flowers and fruit.  This might include our Mineral Blushers in Satin Deep or the ever popular Coral for a proper pop of autumn glow.

This Autumn is also all about embracing your skin and keeping things simple with lightweight, sheer formulas as as our award winning Fairy Godmother.

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Is your makeup damaging your skin or worse, your health?

Do you know what’s really in your make-up?

Here’s the truth: What you put on your skin, goes into your skin – so do you really know what’s actually in your makeup?  Don’t feel bad if you don’t, most of us probably don’t.  We have never been encouraged to look into it too much but that is changing.  Now we are being encouraged to ask more questions and think more carefully about what is in the products we are using everyday.

Here at English Mineral Make-Up, we know exactly what we have been putting into our skin because we keep our make-up as pure as possible.

There is no talc, No Bismuth or nanoparticles, no chemical perfumes, no colour enhancers or preservatives.


Did you know that pure loose mineral makeup can’t harbour bacteria?  How amazing is that?  Nothing naughty lurking in that make uo bag!

Pressed minerals and liquid minerals need all sorts of additives but our loose mineral make-up does not – our ingredient list is short and most importantly GOOD FOR YOU!

Skincare and make-up don’t need to be complicated, which is why we are so passionate about keeping our ingredient list natural and as simple as possible.

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The darkest of skin tones

Especially created for the darkest of skin tones, our brilliant Ultimate Deep Tone Foundation range is designed to perfect the complicated under and over tones of darker skin.

This vegan, foundation range contains top grade mineral ingredients that nourish and provide a flawless look, naturally. It applies easily and feels weightless, while providing excellent coverage and leaving a”soft focus”effect that helps blur fine lines and wrinkles – without a powdered look!

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Our Gracious Queen

We love the Queen’s signature look of a pink lip and cheek which is created by none other than…. herself!

Our gracious Queen calls only on a makeup artist for her televised Christmas address!

Apparently the rest of the year, and for each of her public appearances, the Queen does her own makeup and like any other woman she also knows the importance of a good blush!

Try pairing our Matte finish blusher in shade ‘Soft’ with our Barely Peony Massive Moisture Lip Drench to create a look fit for a Queen