Matte Primer and Finish


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Matte Primer Veil is a versatile all-in-one product that will help you achieve a super flawless coverage that is great on its own as a lightweight matte foundation, and used before and after your foundation it will make your makeup last even longer.

It’s also Titanium Dioxide free so a brilliant product to apply all on its own if you like a natural translucent foundation with a matte finish.

Available in 4 colours to enhance application on all levels of skin tone and depth.

Cool, Warm and Neutral, are the best to choose from for light to medium foundation colours.

Deep is perfect for the deeper of our foundation colours.

Using the Matte Primer and Finishing Veil will extend the life of your finished makeup application.

Light as a feather our flattering Matte Minerals will ensure a beautiful finish. fresh, flattering and youthful.

Troubled teen complexion? This is both lightweight and naturally healing. A great starting point as a first foundation.

Vegan, Organic and Cruelty Free. 15gVol Compact.



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